5 SEO Tips for Local Businesses in Nigeria

The world is already a global village, but not all businesses are global business. Most businesses that exist today are selling products and services to local users, but they need to upgrade their visibility buy going online.

If you are in the category of local businesses, then this you are in the right place to get the best SEO for your businesses. Local here means these businesses sells products and services to people nearby. Going online today is no longer a choice but a necessity but you need to do the correct thing to target the right audience for you. The following are some of the tips to make you visible locally.

Do Keyword Research

For every result oriented Search Engine Optimization, the first point in your plan should be keyword research. You need to know the keywords your potential customers are searching for, these are keywords that are related to your businesses. You can get this by using the free google keyword planner in google adwords. You can also use free tools such as Keywordtool.

When you type in your business areas, it will generate keywords and their search volume for you. You will be able to see keywords that your potential customers searches for. Pick them, make use of them as a target for your businesses.


Local Business Listing in Nigeria

One other very important thing you need to do is to add your business to local business listing in Nigeria. You want your business to appear on google search, bing search etc. Just go to GoogleMyBusiness, you will be required to add information such as your business name, addresses, phone number and possibly map. Some local business listing website require verification, follow up all the process and complete them.

You may want to list your business in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and social media site such as Facebook. Above all you need to check local directories online to list your business.

While creating your local business listing, it is important to make your name appear online the same way it appears offline.

Create Local Content

One very important way to have a good local business optimization is creating local content. Write in the local language, use phrases and idioms understand by the local people. Be detailed with your office address, you may want to add interactive map that will guide people to your office.

Another important item for local content is having phone number and working hours including days on your listing. Ensure that all the information you supplied everywhere correspond. You don’t want to have RoyalCoast company on some listing and Royalcoast limited on others. Use same address description and phone number throughout your lisitng.


Local Business Listing on Mobile

If you are running a local business, know that majority of people searching for you will be doing that on mobile. Ensure that your content is not only mobile friendly but also take advantages of mobile features. This include one click call, where you can make call directly from your website on mobile, you can also take opportunity of the mobile Gps to navigate people down to your office.

Ensure you consider mobile users when developing your site, searches of your site need to be visible on mobile devices. Get all kinds of mobile devices to know that your site is user friendly on all the device.


Social network listing

People are going social these days. You need to meet your audience at the appropriate place where they socialize. You can use medium such as facebook, twitter, linkedin among others. The most important is for you to analyze each social media site to ensure if the audience are appropriate for you.

While creating your social media page, it gives you the opportunity to input your local information such as your phone number, office address and at time direction to your office.


With the above tips for your local business, you don’t need to be a national or international business to get online. There is nothing stopping you to get noticed online. Start today and review always to ensure that you are still relevant in the local space online. You can be the big fish in your local ocean.


Do you think there is another wonderful way to improve your local business search engine optimization online, drop it in the comment page.






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