6 ways to learn coding and resources in Nigeria

The technology world has come to stay in this country. Though several companies are still lagging behind in the implementation of ICT to their process, those that have are still having challenges getting expert to handle it.
This gave rise to an increase in the search for programmers and many people are willing to learn programming irrespective of their academic background. I have put together some 6 different ways you can learn programming. Sometimes you may want to combine two or more methods during your journey to become a programmer.

Online source:

One of the major ways any programmer use during the sojourn into the programming world is to use online materials. One of the most resourceful place to learn is www.w3schools.com. You can get through learning coding from scratch to expert level via that website. Google they say is your best friend while learning programming. You will not want to go our all alone without inviting your friend, when you come across any issue just google it.
The resources online are numerous but I will not just end this part without mentioning stackoverflow.com This is a cute place where questions are post and solution are rendered. It is just a community of helpers on the field.

Online Video tutorial:

We have people who just go online get tutorials on any programming language they wish to learn then create time to practice what they get. The advantage of this is you learn at you will, you also see someone actualizing it they you practice what you see. You can check on www.udemy.com for this, www.lynda.com also have good resources. You can check online for more.

Online Structured learning:

They are some institution online that allow you to register for course and give you access to learn within a stipulated period of time. You can check www.udacity.com or www.edx.com These resources give you target base on time as well as interact with you like an institution.

Learning via a friend:

Another amazing way people have learn programming is to walk to a friend that have such knowledge to learn from them. This is usually unstructured and the curriculum is at the discretion of the teacher. However, friends are usually helpful when it comes to getting some tough aspect of coding.

Project focus learning:

One major approach to learning code is to learn certain codes to execute a project. This is usually learning in piecemeal which is goal oriented learning.
Learning through institute: Recently we have code learning centers around. Some will accept you as training while others will take you as pure student. Switch and Andela belong to the later while coding schools such as Moat Academy, Articulate among others. You will pay certain among of money to learn coding for a stipulated period of time.

Learning on the Job:

This approach is what majority of people fall into. The degree of such learning is usually what differs, while some people learn core coding on the job others improve themselves while on the job. If you have little knowledge on coding, you can decide to switch job to a software company so that you can improve your skills.

Do you think we have other ways Nigeria learn code, kindly drop your comment below.

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