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You have not yet seen the slimmest laptop in the world because if you think you have, then its time to have a rethink of what the slimmest laptop looks like.

Even though the battle to slim down laptops has slowed in recent years, that hasn’t stopped Acer from trying.

Acer showed up at CES this year with a trio of updated versions of older models, there is at least one high note: the updated Swift 7, which is even thinner than the previous version at just 8.98 millimeters thick. And with this, the second-generation Swift 7, Acer has retaken the crown for having the thinnest laptop in the world.

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Though it is referred to as the thinnest Laptop that does not render it less functional. There is more than one improvement in the Acer Swift 7 as the Swift 7 now sports a sleek body design from its black, anodized aluminum screen lid, a larger 14-inch screen, a new i7 CPU (the old Swift 7 was limited an i5), a built-in fingerprint sensor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of PCIe SSD storage.

Unfortunately, the keyboard does not have a backlit, which is quite unexpected cos, for, over a grand, we expected keyboard backlighting to come standard. Acer also managed to get away with a smartphone-sized, 2,770mAh battery inside, we think it could’ve been included.

However, though the screen was upgraded from a 13.3-inch panel to a 14-inch one, it’s still only at a 1080p resolution which makes it still running among its competitor.

Another small annoyance is that like Dell’s XPS 13, the Swift 7’s webcam is located below the screen.

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On the big side, the Swift 7 may have the upper hand has it has integrated 4G LTE connectivity, through an Intel XMM modem that supports both Nano SIM and eSIM technology and comes out of the box with a free, 1GB Transatel profile to give users a taste which is still almost oddly rare in laptops and that may be enough to get more users on board. And of course, 802.11ac Wi-Fi with a 2×2 MIMO radio and Bluetooth round out wireless connectivity is also embedded in it.

This laptop is expected out in the US by March for $1,700 (₦612,000.00) but at a money pretty high considering Dell’s new XPS 13 starts at around $1,000.

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But I guess there is always a price for the best and this is the price being paid for the thinnest laptop in the world.