In the early days of March, Google gave a preview of their latest mobile OS, an upgraded version of the 2018 Android OS the (OREO android 8.

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The Android P (Android 9) according to google is not yet ready for the general public, it is just a loophole (developer previews ) for developers to peek inside and prepare their apps for all of the new features coming our way later this year. so it is advisable for Android users to be patient and not hit the update button on your phone for Android P.

The Android P Developers preview shows the great features to be expected in the Android 9 one of which is the ANDROID POLICE. According to code spotted in the developer preview files, by Android Police, Android P will feature smart volume controls that remember the settings of each Bluetooth device connected to your phone or tablet. This will mean music coming from a speaker will play at a certain level compared to how it sounds on your phone. Granted it’s a minor feature, and one that we doubt many of us have considered, but it could prove useful.

In addition, as first predicted by Bloomberg, Google has confirmed Android P will support an iPhone X-style “notch” or display cutout. As bezels get smaller, some Android phones are adopting a notch at the top of the screen to fit in sensors, like on the iPhone X. The Essential Phone, the Huawei P20 and the Asus ZenFone 5 all have one and the upcoming OnePlus 6 and LG G7 are rumoured to have it too. Following this trend, the Android P gives you an opportunity to live the premium life with a preview of what this might look like after you enable Developer Mode. Scroll down to the Drawing section under developer options, tap “Simulate a display with a cutout,” then choose a size. Violà, you’re living the notched life.

Other changes we can expect to see in the upcoming update, according to the rumours, include support for Wi-Fi Direct Printing support and Bluetooth hearing aids, and better integration for Android extentions.

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The new OS will also prevent malicious apps running in the background from accessing your camera and mic in order to spy on you, according to AOSP. We’ll have to wait and see how this affects anti-theft apps.

Another potential feature expected has to do with smaller image file sizes. Apple introduced HEIC files for iOS 11, which are also known as HEIF or High-Efficiency Image Format. It’s the still image version of HEVC, which is the latest video codec. It makes for Jpeg images just 50 percent of their previous size, can store image edits and multiple photos in one file (think Live Photo and burst mode), and it supports transparency and 16-bit colour.

HEIC is not a proprietary image format developed by Apple itself, so there’s every possibility Google could opt for the same format. However, Google is also working with the Alliance for Open Media on its own version that is currently able to create images 15 percent smaller than HEIC. It would make sense to use the better version, of course, but for now, the project is very much in its infancy. Whether it will be ready for Android 9.0 we simply don’t know.

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There is some suggestion that a phone will need a reasonably powerful processor to take advantage of HEIC, however, which means budget phones may not get the change.

Increased call blocking is another possibility, according to XDA, where users will even be able to block private numbers, pay phones and numbers that either has no ID or aren’t in your contacts list.

Another interesting rumour from XDA is that Android P will allow you to use your phone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. It will work in a similar way to the new Samsung DeX dock for the Galaxy S9.

Taking screenshots is now as simple as pressing and holding the power button. And while Android’s screenshot tools are lacking right now, they won’t be much longer. Starting with Android P, you can edit a screenshot directly from the notification. From there, you can select a new Markup tool to crop, scribble or write on the screenshot and share it.

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Interestingly, Google also added a feature which allows us to use our phone in a landscape position meaning,

Instead of just locking down the vertical, portrait mode on your phone, you can now lock your phone on landscape orientation if auto rotate is switched off.

When you turn the screen to landscape, tap the icon that appears at the bottom to lock the orientation and there you are watching your movie without interruption.