Asus Vivowatch SP Fitness/Health Watch.

Asus announces its new fitness watch “Asus VivoWatch SP” at its IFA 2019 press conference. This watch is a new wearable that will track not only your exercise, but a range of vital statistics too.

Although, ASUS may not make smartwatches anymore, but it has kept one foot in the wearables space with its line of fitness watches.

Asus VivoWatch SP is a successor of the last year launched VivoWatch BP with major upgrade in design and health features.

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Asus VivoWatch is a prettier device,which features the Marc Newson-inspired up-and-under strap and the generic, 22-millimeter watch straps. therefore you can swap or change your strap.

The VivoWatch SP is designed for runners, with GPS, pace coaching, speed monitoring, distance and route mapping.

Like its predecessor the Asus VivoWatch SP also comes with ECG which is refers to as “medical grade” sensors by Asus. The sensor is capable of tracking your blood pressure and stress levels in a 20 second test. However, unlike the VivoWatch BP the ECG sensors are mounted around the edges of the body, right on a side at the back of the watch where you pinch it to run a test.

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On the other side of the watch is situated a PPG sensor, commonly known as an optical heart-rate monitor.

According to VivoWatch Product Manager Greg Lai “the device is now an intelligent health gadget to prevent hypertension and heart disease.”

The fitness watch is connected with ASUS health platform hence, you have access to getting healthy lifestyle tips from experts at Taiwan’s National University Hospital when wear for at least seven straight days.

The watch also features GPS and an altimeter to give you exercise data, this information can be used in coordination with more conventional measures like heart rate to give you a better picture of your health.

You’ll also get data on your PTT, or Pulse Transmission Time, a metric to understand your response to stress. Likewise, the watch comes with an altimeter for hikers, so if your blood oxygen level drops when you’re at altitude, it can advise you on when to take a breather.

Asus VivoWatch SP will not only track your exercise, but your vital statistics too

Although, the VivoWatch SP is not a smartwatch, Lai said that it will offer notifications for calls and messages, over Bluetooth. Lai also mentioned that smart replies will be available, albeit only in a limited manner, since the watch is running ASUS’ own operating system.

The VivoWatch SP itself is waterproof to 5ATM (50 metres), has a ceramic bezel to reduce fingerprints and will offer a range of accessory bands so you can easily change the look to suit your style. The VivoWatch SP has a 14 day battery life. This is due to the fact that the SP uses a low power system-on-chip and a reflective display.

Finally, the company confirmed that the Asus VivoWatch SP will be available in late 2019, however, the price is not yet stated.

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