The Best Anti-virus Software

With the ever involving Trojan Horses, Ransome ware attacks and other known and unknown internet threats, those who still don’t value the importance of installing a security software is like taking a swim in shark infested waters. Anti-virus are thus very important in the day to day usage of PCs.

Some Operating systems do come along with their default in built protection like Windows 8 and windows that come with the windows defender protection software. However, the protection is limited as the system is still vulnerable to some very powerful attacks that they can’t detect.

However, there are ways to counter these treats by installing dedicated software whose purpose is to provide protection against malware attacks and can give a more secured protection against malware attacks that windows defender cannot give. Some of these software come as free applications while some are paid for.

Here is a list of some of the ones that are available and are highly recommended due to tests by :

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017: Top Notch protection and comes with a variety of additional features: Kaspersky has been a household name in the world of internet and system security. Their latest edition the Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 serves as not just a scanner for virus, its provides a total security solution with features which includes a secure web browser to keep which helps protect you from someone dropping some virus in your mail or keep your bank accounts away from those that might be talking a look with no authorization. There is also a traffic routing provision which is possible with the help of the VPN provided to help route traffic through a trusted proxy server, again making it harder for anyone to track your activity online. Also, this feature can help parents set site restrictions for their wards by limiting access to undesired sites.
  2. Bitdefender Internet Security 2017: For those who desire software simplicity, this is recommended for. It is ideal for those who demand security with no interruptions. In the world of anti-malware protection, Bitdefender internet security can rub shoulders with the likes of Kaspersky. One of the features that makes Bitdefender standout is its autopilot which gives complete automatic protection. This makes it able to identify and get rid of threats without notifying the user. It’s the ideal application for those who prefer not to be bothered by alerts and requests. However, for those who require to be hands on with their software are not handicapped by the autopilot feature. They can as well set theirs to be manual. For those into online shopping and online banking they can use the hardened Safepay browser, and you can configure its Ransomware module.
  3. Avast Free Antivirus Light Weight Protection: This is usually a free version security website. However, it is not a silent one and there are usually many pop-ups that will give invitation for software upgrade to the paid version. All its pop-ups can be very annoying however but if you can pull through them, it can be a worth it software application. Apart from the anti-malware protection, it can provide a secure browser that limits activities of hackers.
  4. Norton Security 2016: This is a straightforward and very secure anti-virus software with a light impact on performance. The Norton Brand in security has been around for a long time for about 25 years running now. This is a testament that they are getting things right with their work as an anti-Virus Software. It features a very clean Interface, functions that are well advanced which can enable the user to choose the specific thins that needs to be scanned. The Norton anti-virus software has a light impact on the system performance and this adds to its ever blooming credentials as a security software of choice.
  5. AVG Internet Security: AVG is well known for its free version. This brand of anti-virus software is a security suite with many decent features. The paid version gives a whole lot more than the ones given by the free versions. Apart from the basic anti-malware and other form of attacks protection it provides, the AVG allows the user to encrypt sensitive files with the use of AVG’s Data Safe, Web protection for scanning links and downloads, and anti-spam email protection which helps to sieve out the spam mails from the actual mail. All these functions are carried out using the AVG Zen dashboard which allows the user to carry out multiple management of installations and subscriptions.

Buyers Guide to acquiring The Best Anti-Virus Software

In order to get the best anti-virus software for use, some questions are needed to be answered so as to known which one is best suited for usage.

The Edition for installation should be known. Some softwares are basic to just scan for viruses while others have the extra internet security feature and this gives additional functionality to the work performance such as Privacy protection capabilities and so on.

The device we are installing the software on also matters. Some Manufacturers are better on mobile phones and tablets while some are better on PC product. The factors have to be considered before choosing any brand.

Also, web browser protection needs to be taken into consideration. some hackers can dwell on the openness of some web browsers to gain unauthorized access into your files and work

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