Google has introduced Gallery Go a photo organization app intended for offline use while taking up as little space as possible.

The Gallery Go is a new app from designed to let people with unreliable internet connections organize and edit their photos. This new app was unveiled at third annual ‘Google for Nigeria’ event, held in Lagos.

Like Google’s regular Photos app it uses machine learning to organize your photos. You can also use it to auto-enhance your pictures and apply filters. The difference is that Gallery Go is designed to work offline, it’s compatible with SD cards, so pictures can be copied without fuss and takes up just 10MB of space on your phone.

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Although this app is available worldwide, it is aimed at users in developing countries. The Gallery Go might be a lightweight photo gallery of Google Photos, however, it boasts a lot of its features.

The Gallery Go feels much the same as the Google photos but with noticeable differences, if you are familiar with both.

Gone are the side menus, because as soon as you launch the app you are greeted by a mosaic of all of the photos currently on your device.

You can view pre-defined device folders which are very similar to the ‘Device folders’ view you’ll know from Google Photos. All of your images will be pre-organized into appropriate folders based upon where they have been downloaded or taken.

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According to Google blog, “Gallery Go helps first time smartphone owners easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for access to high-speed internet or cloud backup.

Google also confirmed that the Gallery Go will come pre-installed on the Itel S15 and select A55 devices from next month.

This Google’s new photos app is available now to download in the Play Store. To run it, you’ll need a device that’s running Android 8.1 Oreo or higher.