Honor the sub-brand of Huawei launches its first smart screen TV featuring a pop-up camera.

Over the last year or so, pop-up cameras have become a common occurrence on smartphones. Starting with the Vivo Nex. The trend has come to be seen on not just premium or flagship devices but also a variety of others in the mid-range such as the Realme X, the Honor 9X and many more smartphones.

Basically, this new trend has only been seen or heard of on Smartphone, however, honor is making a giant move by introducing it to its Smart Tv.

This TV is set to be unveil during the Huawei Developer Conference which is to hold on August 10. Huawei first model plan will have a 55″ screen.

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This revelation was made by Honor’s President, George Zhao at Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) event.

At the event, he confirmed that the new product will be officially unveiled on at Huawei first Developer Conference (HDC 2019).

The company is planning to make its TVs to be the centre of entertainment. Its smart TV launched in China comes with the capability to integrate with other smart household devices. Thereby making it a center for control management and multi-device interaction. Hence, the plan is to make the TV work as a hub for Huawei’s smart home system in addition to being an entertainment platform.


The Honor’s smart TV is powered by a (Harmony OS) Hongjun 818 chip. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei recently told that HongMeng OS is faster than Android and macOS. The new Hongu 818 was developed in a partnership between Huawei and Baidu specifically for smart screen products.

The Company stated that the Honghu 818’s computing power and decoding capability will ensure that Honor’s new smart screen offers excellent picture and sound quality.

The new chipset supports HDR, super-resolution (SR), noise-reduction (NR), dynamic contrast improvement (DCI), automatic color management (ACM) and motion estimation motion compensation (MEMC) technologies to offer a high-end video experience.

The chipset runs on an octa-core architecture and supports 8K video playback at 30fps or 4K at 120fps max. As well as support for super-resolution, noise-reduction, dynamic contrast improvement, automatic color management, and motion estimation motion compensation.

Additionally, the chip supports 64MP image decoding and far-field voice recognition. It also integrates Huawei’s Histen sound quality optimization technology that’s found on its smartphones as well.

In conclusion, the President of the Honor brand has stated that the company is aiming to win back some consumers by leveraging its experience in building smartphones to make a better TV. Hence, the added functionality is needed as the Chinese people have moved away from the big screen and are focusing on their phones.