Generally, Generator is one of the options that always cross our mind when we think about an option B to the power failure, however, optioning for generator comes with its own challenges which makes you think twice before taking the step.

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Technology has reached the hight whereby for every innovation with challenge comes another with the solution.

Inverter comes in as a solution to noise and fuel, but on a higher side to some people who couldn’t afford it.

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Recently the mention of Inverter generator is going viral, almost becoming a household name, but what really is inverter generator?

Inverter generators are a recent technology, made possible by advanced electronic circuitry and state-of-the-art magnets.

An inverter generator is designed to produce more AC electrical energy per engine rotation but not in a form that can be used directly. The raw electricity must first be transformed into DC power.

Basically, Inverter Generator works by converting the high voltage AC power directly into DC voltage and converting back again to clean AC voltage by using state of the art circuitry. Because of this multi-step procedure, Inverter generators are quieter and more portable.

Just has the name of the machine connotes, the inverter module converts the freshly transformed DC power back to an alternating electric current in pure sine wave rather than block waves.

The power generated from inverter generators is ultra-clean and in a form that can now be used in sensitive electronic equipment like medical devices and other devices such as such as laptops; televisions and more without any concern of harm or damages. These Generators are smaller and much more efficient when compared to their conventional counterparts. The inverter generator also helps maintains a constant flow of current to your appliance.

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Inverter Generator Ranges and size

1. Large
With very few exceptions, the large inverter generators are big enough to power your house and office. They generate 5,000 watts of power or more (at 220 volts). This category of inverter generator can be connected directly to your electrical panel with a safety device called a transfer switch, which is strongly recommended.

2. Midsized
This type of inverter Generator may or may not come with wheels. They produce 2,500 to 4,500 watts but don’t allow the recommended option of connecting to your electrical panel with a transfer switch. Instead, you plug appliances or electronics directly into the generator, which can be dangerous if not done according to the manual guideline.

3. Recreational
This inverter generator is designed to be carried with one hand. Most recreational models max out at around 2,000 watts, potable for outdoor event or camping.

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Advantages of an Inverter Generator.

Portability is one of the major advantages of the inverter generator. It is designed from the ground up with portability in mind. This device is generally lightweight in comparison to traditional generators ranging from 30 – 50 pounds weight.

This implies that an inverter generator is easier to move if the need for transportation arises. There are, however, heavier series that are produced for better and higher performance also.

Use inverter generators outside always. Never utilize them even if there are openings such as doors or windows indoors. This is because like other machines with internal combustion engines they release toxic gases that anyone close by may inhale for example Carbon Monoxide that is colorless and odorless.

Inhaling this may cause severe health issues and even death. Utilize the inverter generator at a secure place beyond your house.

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Inverter generators help to make minimal noise compared to the common generator. If the accepted place where you should employ backup electricity includes a high concern for noise levels, then this is actually the perfect tool for you personally.

Finally, this little invention has enabled visitors to bring the comforts of real estate in the outdoors! This best inverter generator provides the required security precaution while reducing the excess weight, hassle and noise of carrying an enormous traditional generator with you.

Although has the name connotes, it could cross our mind that the inverter generator may not use fuel, however, in actual fact it uses fuel but inverter Generator are more fuel-efficient compared to the conventional type and the fuel usage is due to the engine speed which adjusts according to the power load needed.

The end result is a portable generator with reduced weight and size, and power that is ultra-clean.

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