LG’s Signature Wine Cellar Review

LG wine cellar is one one the company SIGNATURE exclusive series. Launched as the company’s first-ever wine cellar at IFA.

LG stated that the Signature wine cellar will bring new smart home innovations to the wine-cooling game that will be sure to please the casual drinker and the connoisseur alike. The company’s appliance can hold up to 65 bottles of your favorite wine.

At first glance, the wine cellar looks like a stainless steel refrigerator, complete with glass door and two refrigerated compartments below. With LG Signature’s signature minimalist textured-steel-finish design, the new wine cellar offers variable temperature settings for each shelf to create ideal storage conditions for various categories of wine.

The company said it used a textured steel finish with a scratch-resistant exterior which that keep the cellar always looking new.

The cellar comes with  features like voice recognition, though there are only a few statements it recognizes. “Hi, LG” will turn on the interior light. You can also say, “Nice to meet you,” and “What’s your name?”.Image result for LG SIGNATURE wine cellar

Also featuring automatic door opening (tripped by a foot-sensing sensor). LG has installed a smart sensor on the bottom of the appliance that can sense your feet. With a single swipe, the appliance will automatically open the door for you so you can pick the perfect drink to pair with dinner or wind down with at the end of a long day coupled with this is an onboard drawer refrigerator with push-button lift for easy access to bottles; and LG Signature’s proprietary “knock-on-glass”  (where you knock twice to see what’s inside) to automatic elevation of shelves and illuminate drawer lighting. This allows owners to view their inventory through the cellar’s darkened glass door-panel without opening it, sparing the wine from damaging sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

The cellar has two bottom compartments that can be used as refrigerators or freezers with three different temperatures called “Multiple temperature controls” which implies that you can keep your wines at three different temperatures to one that suit your thirst.. The bottom drawer is motion-activated, when it senses your food close to it, the drawer opens. The top drawer slides out and lifts up with the press of a button, literally bringing the selection of snacks for your cheese plate directly to you.Image result for LG SIGNATURE wine cellar

The drawer refrigerator in the wine cellar with Automatic Lift allows for easy access to the wine inside with the press of a button. Use voice recognition to open the door or turn on the interior light to see what’s inside through the darkened glass, saving energy and avoiding unnecessary exposure to sunlight.

“Combining beautiful design with the latest technologies while staying true to a product’s essence is what LG Signature is all about,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Expanding our LG Signature collection to seven products allows even more consumers to experience the joy of owning a home appliance that resembles a work of art.”

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