Lagos no doubt is the hub of software solution in sub saharah Africa. Several startup are showing up daily and better application are been built everyday. Developers in Lagos recently joined the world in facebook F8, the UN Hackaton on SDG was also hosted in Lagos. Now it is about the Magento Developer meet up. Yes it is the first time the Magento guys are meeting in Nigeria and it is happening in Lagos.

Magento is perceived as one of the craziest ecommerce CMS out there. Nigeria developer are now coming together to contribute to the Magento community. Don’t you think it  worth trying out.


Who to Attend Magento Meetup

The Magento meetup is designed to accommodate all skills level. Be you a beginner or expert, you will surely find your place in the meet up.

It will feature Magento API, Magento tricks, Magento 1v and 2v. If you are working on Magento site or you want to be a Magento expert, don’t miss this historic event.


The event is scheduled to hold as follows:

Date: Saturday, July 17, 2017

Time: 11:00am prompt

Venue: Switch Express, 42, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos



You can secure a seat for your self here.