Microsoft Expert Launches Islamic Kit app

The app world is growing daily, however there are still death of Islamic app in that space. The second largest religion in the world still await coding of most activities. Today, a Microsoft expert launched an app towards making Muslim earn more reward using their phone. The app is called Ibadah kit app.

The have has several functions which include the following:

Display time in Arabic:

The app will write the time in Arabic word for you. Just open the app and you will see the current time display and the Arabic word written under it. This is quite a unique and cool feature.

Reminds you of Worship:

Worship is an important part of every Muslim daily activity. The app will simply tell you what you need to be doing, or what you should have done as part of your Islamic obligation at a particular time.

Reminder for remembrance:

Just as if it knows that we always get lost during things online or at work, the app keep on reminding us every 30 mins to chant remembrance of Allah. Sometimes it says Subhanallah (glory be to Allah), Allah Akbar (Allah is great) among others.

Theme Preference: The app also give consideration to color preference. You can chose the color you wish to view your time and how the information appear to you.


Important Day Reminder:

The app will also feature a reminder for important days and some of the activities you should do during those days. For instance it is part of recommended activities for Muslims to fast on Monday and Thursday, a reminder to this act is put in place in this app. You no longer miss count of Friday with this app. It tells about the special day and some of the unique activities you should perform on that day.

You can download the app here. 

Above all, it is important to note that is power packed Islamic app is coming from a Nigeria programmer, Yusuf Aweda Jimoh who considered several challenges in the Muslim world and programmatically achieved a solution for it.

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