Microsoft has released Windows Terminal updated version 0.3, the recently launched command-line interface. The new interface is the newest and best experience for developers who uses Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell.

The Window terminal l is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application and was launched in June.

Although, the Windows Terminal is developed to co-exist with Windows Console but it is believed that Terminal will become the favored tool among those who need command-line apps.

The Windows Terminal is the Store app codenamed “Cascadia”, but there is also Conhost, which currently builds as OpenConsole.Exe, a Win32 / Win64 (or ARM64) application.

Windows Terminal has tab support and background image options, with changes in OpenConsole.exe and cmd today.

The Updates on Windows Terminal

Dropdown Button Layout

The Terminal is now draggable from anywhere regardless of where the mouse pointer is positioned on the title bar.

Major update has been made on the title bar. The dropdown button has been resized as well as recolored and it now stays to the right of the last opened tab. There are also new colors for the minimize, maximize, and close buttons to provide a uniform experience.

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Microsoft have started to reintegrate some of the assistive technology added to Windows Console back in Windows 10 1703 into the Windows Terminal. This Tool allow tools like Windows Narrator “to interrogate, navigate, and read” the Terminal’s user interface controls and text content. This is done according to Kayla Cinnamon, program manager for Windows Terminal, Console and Command-Line.

Microsoft now expose the Terminal’s controls and contents as a User Interface Automation (UIA) tree, enabling tools like Narrator to interrogate, navigate, and read the contents of the Terminal’s UI controls and text content.

The company said the accessibility experience is early in its implementation and has not yet undergone thorough testing, so if you encounter any bugs to please file issues on GitHub.

Although, it is noted that the new accessibility features are still a work in progress but a”HUGE” update change.

Tab Customization

The tab title of each profile can now be defined within your settings by setting the"tabTitle" property in a profile. This helps takes priority over the shell-provided tab and make it easier to tell the difference between profiles.

In addition to the customization, you can now configuring your background image. You can add a background image on top of an acrylic background with a color tint using the properties "backgroundImage", "useAcrylic", and "background."As well as position the background anywhere on the screen.

Likewise, you can offset your background image so it’s not only centered using the "backgroundImageAlignment" key and values of "center", "left", "top", "right", "bottom", "topLeft", "topRight", "bottomLeft", "bottomRight":

Key Bindings

While on Terminal, you are now able to drag your mouse outside the Terminal window to continue selecting text above/below. Additionally, you can also select sections of text by double or triple clicking. The delimiters for double clicking are set in your profiles.json using the “wordDelimiters” property. Triple clicking will select the whole line.

Windows also added feature which allows you to use OEM keys for mapping within key bindings. This means you can the key bindings for copying, copying text without newline characters, pasting, and duplicating a tab.

Connect to Azure Cloud Shell Connector

Terminal users can now connect to Azure Cloud Shell within the Terminal. The in-browser command-line called Azure-hosted Cloud Shell is hosted in the cloud to give you access to your files and projects stored within Azure.

Microsoft lists a bunch of bug fixes for this version of Terminal aimed at improving the experience for users, including several issues that were causing crashes