Foldable smartphones are just starting to gain momentum even though none is yet to go commercial. However Smartwatch designs from companies that aren’t Apple or Samsung are still struggling to get recognized, however, Oppo has given the smartwatch market a new dimension to look at and Apple and Samsung a competitor to watch out for.

OPPO is planning to create a storm with a foldable smartwatch. Although Oppo is not the first to look in the direction however, unlike IBM reported smartwatch plan, which can be expanded into a tablet format display, Oppo has already been granted a patent for a foldable smartwatch.

The Foldable Smartwatch Patent

As presented in the patent documentation obtained by LetsGoDigital, the screen expands in width while the height stays the same. As you can see noted in the diagram below, the “unfolded display” would extend down the length of the arm you’re wearing the watch on, leaving you free to operate it with your other hand.

The smartwatch has two modes; a folded and unfolded mode. When unfolded, the screen area is increased by up to 200%, giving you up to three times more screen space. The user interface also changes depending on the mobile device being used. In the folded position the extra display part is stored in the watch case, under the main screen. There’s a recessed groove which the screen slides out from, and the design concept here envisions a pressure mechanism that lets you press to unfold the screen which also prevents the screen from accidentally unfolding itself.

OPPO foldable smartwatch

The display folds open towards your back of the hand, making the entire screen easy to operate with your other hand. The Oppo foldable smartwatch also has a bracket where the display module is located, which provides extra strength when the screen is unfolded.

Furthermore, the smartwatch is provided with a pressure buckle. By pressing the buckle the screen can be unfolded. The pressure buckle also prevents the screen from accidentally unfolding when the user delivers intensive performance.

Although, the possibility of seeing this smartwatch soon is quite slim, however, we can not overlook the effort and achievement of Oppo years back e.g the released the Oppo O-Band activity tracker a few years ago, hence, we might see this anticipating smartwatch years to come.