Sony’s Potable Wearable Air Conditioner.

sony Mini Air condition

Sony Corporation has developed a perfect solution to heat and hot weather. The company introduces a wearable air-conditioner, called the Reon Pocket.  The Reon Pocket, which is from the company's startup acceleration program, is a small device that fits in a shirt pocket and can keep you cool or warm at the touch of...

Honor First Smart TV with Pop-Up Camera

Honor the sub-brand of Huawei launches its first smart screen TV featuring a pop-up camera. Over the last year or so, pop-up cameras have become a common occurrence on smartphones. Starting with the Vivo Nex. The trend has come to be seen on not just premium or flagship devices but also a variety...

Oppo shows off new phone with ‘waterfall screen’ & ultra-curved edges

oppo waterfall

Oppo has released images of a new smartphone display design called the “Waterfall Screen.” Oppo has grown to become one of the most innovative smartphone brands in the world. hence the introduction of this new smartphone is not so surprising but more appealing. The Oppo VP Brian Shen revealed the...

Gallery Go Launched as Google Photos Lite Version.

Google has introduced Gallery Go a photo organization app intended for offline use while taking up as little space as possible. The Gallery Go is a new app from designed to let people with unreliable internet connections organize and edit their photos. This new app was unveiled at third annual ‘Google for Nigeria’ event,...

Different Between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are two of the biggest names in public cloud computing. Cloud has revolutionized the whole business ecosystem by providing better customer experience and greater mobile accessibility. Cloud computing is increasing at an unprecedented rate and the way it’s revolutionizing business models it’s showing no...

OPPO Files Patent for a Foldable Smartwatch

oppo foldable watch

Foldable smartphones are just starting to gain momentum even though none is yet to go commercial. However Smartwatch designs from companies that aren’t Apple or Samsung are still struggling to get recognized, however, Oppo has given the smartwatch market a new dimension to look at and Apple and Samsung a competitor to watch out for.

Dell XPS 15 2019 Laptop Review

xps 15

Dell follows the trend of the Computex 2019 while releasing its latest 2-in-1 laptops and gaming laptops. The XPS 15 looks almost entirely like the previous year dell laptop design, however, there are some prominent changes compare to its predecessor. One of the the main changes is the placement of the webcam which has...

Huawei Honor 9X Pro Price, Specs and Review.


After long weeks of rumour Huawei official release the Honor 9X and 9X Pro as the company's first phone to sport a bezel and notch-less displays. The Huawei Honor 9X Pro is the senior version with upgrades every appropriate places compare to the honor 9X.

Acer Predator Triton 900 Laptop Review

Predator Triton 900

Acer Predator Triton 900 laptop is the company latest gaming laptop. It comes with a unique design in which the display sits featuring a 17.3-inch 4K IPS LCD display that floats above the chassis. The Triton 900 weighs 9-pound which is entirely thanks to the entirely metal chassis (the lid and deck are aluminum,...

Nvidia Unveils Super GeForce RTX Graphics cards.

super GeForce RTX

GeForce RTX 20-Series graphics cards was launched last year. Thus bringing real-time ray tracing and best performance to PC gamers worldwide. Finally, Nvidia unveiled three new graphics cards this year which are the 'Super' versions of its existing RTX lineup. This consist of the GeForce RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070 Super, and RTX 2080...