Rapid Change in Design of Samsung Galaxy Note8 as launch date is near

There has been numerous speculative design of the Samsung galaxy note8 that have been circulated all over the web. However no one has been able to identify which of these samples is the real one. Even as the unveiling of the mobile device is only about one month away, there is news that a new dimension could be taken towards the design of Samsung’s latest addition to its mobile collections.

Over the past few weeks now, some leaks from the front able are being seen around.  The most recent leak seen of what could possibly be a final design for the Galaxy Note 8 which comes after some leaks that were seen around July 14 which shows a supposed front panel of the device. The leak shows a thin bezel, similar to the Galaxy S8 design. However, the recent leak shows a different bezel that is much thicker in its upper and lower parts similar to the ones seen in late June.

Majority of fans and analyst expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will likely bear a resemblance the Galaxy S8 in some ways. The new device will likely possess a similar infinity display and virtual home button introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It will also most likely feature a capacitive fingerprint scanner on its rear panel like the Galaxy S8.  However, it is known that Samsung usually uses design tweaks to put up some differentiation between the Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Note line.

Galaxy Note smartphones usually come in bigger size than Galaxy S smartphones. In the previous editions, the Galaxy Note had a clear demarcation as a phablet, whereas the Galaxy S was a standard slate smartphone. However, with the introduction of models such as the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, things have changed. The Galaxy S8 features a 6.2-inch display, while rumors suggest a 6.3-inch display for the Galaxy Note 8. With such a minimal difference, it’s a bit hard to see how the Galaxy Note 8 can stand out. However, It’s S-Pen stylus will continue to a major choice factor for Galaxy Note fans. The Galaxy S8 features a large display but does not have a stylus. Despite the phablet trend started by Samsung in 2010, the reports indicate the Galaxy S8 has sold better than the Galaxy S since their April release. It is possible, many die hard Galaxy Note fans could be waiting for the new model to release, passing on the larger Galaxy S model.

The Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s first device to have a dual-edge display and an S-Pen stylus. However, the device was discontinued due to battery issues that caused several devices to explode. Before the smartphone’s unfortunate fate it’s unique design and interesting features such as an iris scanner and Coral Blue color option were intriguing to consumers.


Similar to the new leaked renders of the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy Note 7 features thin side bezels and thicker upper and lower bezels. Perhaps it is possible that the Galaxy Note 8 could be designed to resemble its fallen predecessor to recapture old fans.


However, design details for the Galaxy Note 8 will likely remain unconfirmed until at last Aug. 23, when the device is expected to be unveiled.

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