Samsung is targeting creative professionals who want the flexibility of both a laptop and a pen-enabled tablet without needing separate devices or paying extra for a pen with the launch of its Notebook 9 Pen upgrade with a new 15-inch option.

This new update  now comes in a 15-inch size, in addition to the old 13-inch form factor. Previously, only the regular Notebook 9 model offered the larger size, but now it’s coming to the convertible 2-in-1 model, too.Image result for Samsung upgrades the Notebook 9 Pen with a new 15-inch option

One of the big new features on the updated Notebook 9 Pen is an improved S Pen. Just like its smartphone relative, the Note 9, the new S Pen for the Notebook 9 Pen now offers improved latency (Samsung says its up to two times faster). Samsung also now offers multiple user replaceable tips for the S Pen, allowing you to customize different drawing styles. (There’s also a bright yellow paint job on the S Pen, to match the Ikea blue laptop, a color combination Samsung introduced with its flagship phone earlier this year.)

The pen will also come with three different tips to adjust the feel of the pen on the display. And like past S Pens, it gets stored in the body of the laptop and doesn’t need to be charged. Samsung will also include a three-month subscription to the MyScript Nebo app, which can convert written notes to digital text as well as clean up hand drawn charts and diagrams. Image result for Samsung upgrades the Notebook 9 Pen with a new 15-inch option

Samsung is also promising the latest 8th Gen Intel processors, gigabit Wi-Fi, and the port selection has been overhauled to offer two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a single regular USB-C plug, along with a headphone / mic jack and a microSD slot for the laptop.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen ships with Windows 10 Home baked in, and the larger model comes with its own graphics card, a fairly decent NVIDIA GeForce MX150 chip, whereas the smaller one only has shared graphics. Both size options feature HD infrared cameras, facial and fingerprint recognition, and a backlit keyboard.

Though the Notebook 9 Pen comes with powerful specifications under the hood, however, it comes with a highly cheap build quality and lackluster battery life which are part of the captivating spec.