Samsung electronics unveil the world’s first vertical television designed for social media-addicted millennials. This latest addition to Samsung’s TV range is called the SERO, meaning “vertical” in Korean

This new SamsunngTV measures a screen of 43-inch which can rotate from a horizontal to a vertical mode, allowing viewers to watch content on their TV in same way as they do on smartphone apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other social apps.

Samsung said it wanted to diversify its lineup and came up with the idea by studying the tastes of mobile-loving millennials.

“Samsung will continue introducing screens that respect personal consumer tastes,” said display president Han Jong-hee.

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According to Samsung, this TV will be released next month to join a handful of other strange new takes on the flat panel TV. Samsung says the Sero is designed to encourage young people to project more of their smartphone stuff onto the TV by allowing it to go vertical.

After the previous announcement on two new TV trend “The Frame,” which looks like a framed picture and displays artwork when not in use. As well as, “The Serif,” which is mounted on four legs, looking kind of like a canvas easel. Samsung announcement of “The Sero,” is an awaking bell toward “concept lifestyle TV” designs.

The Sero acts as a sort of smartphone extension that lets you share things, like a photo or video from social media, from your phone to a whole room instead of getting people to crowd around a small smartphone screen.

Samsung intend to make the TV multitasking. When it’s not used as a conventional TV or a phone enlarger, the Sero can also serve as a huge digital photo frame or a music visualizer, and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant will be on hand, too.

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Samsung says the TV comes with NFC pairing and a “simple mirroring function” to get your smartphone videos on the TV. Like Samsung’s other TVs, this has an ambient mode that can display images, photos, clocks, and more when not in use. There’s a microphone with Samsung’s Bixby assistant built in coupled with other features like 4.1-channel audio through its 60w speakers.

As a member of the 2019 Samsung TV lineup, it will also use a quantum dot screen similar to the ones we’ve seen in its other QLED TV series.

This isn’t the first time the firm has unveiled an unusual design. In January, Samsung announced a new television “the wall” which is comprised of tiles that can be locked together to expand or reduce the size of the screen.

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The Wall” can be made into a 75-inch screen using the tiles, or the tiles can be combined to form different shapes of screen.

Television manufacturers have also been looking to create devices which can be rolled up to save space when not in use.

LG is expected to release a new television this year which can be vertically unrolled when needed. The 65-inch television could collapse into its base, or could be partially collapsed in order to change the shape of the screen.

Last year, Samsung applied to patent a similar television, although its patent application showed a television which could be rolled up horizontally, not vertically.

The Vertical will be available in Korea in a single 43-inch model starting at the end of May for 1.89 million won, which translates to $1,623 at current exchange rates. However, Samsung didn’t say if the Sero would come to the US and other market outside Korea, but we anticipate its launch.