“Threads” Instagram New Messaging App in Making To Compete Snapchat.

Instagram is reportedly planning to launch an app called “Threads” that would serve as a companion to the main Instagram application.

The app is meant to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends. This in a way is Facebook attempt to edge in on Snapchat’s turf. Thus, the introduction of the app might be Facebook’s way of encourage Instagram users to spend more time inside its app rather than Snapchat.

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According to the Verge, Threads is designed as a sister app for Instagram and “invites users to automatically share their location, speed, and battery life” with members of an Instagram user’s “close friends” list, “along with more typical text, photo, and video messages using Instagram’s creative tools.” It’s currently being tested internally, the Verge wrote, and appears to be another stab at introducing a separate messaging app to Instagram.

After the collapse and abandonment of the standalone messaging app for Instagram “Direct” in 2017, the company decide to combine the features of Direct and Snapchat and integrate it into the Instagram app to increase engagement on the app.

The core feature of Threads appears to be messaging, and it looks very similar to the existing messaging product inside Instagram. Messages from your friends appear in a central feed, with a green dot indicating which of your friends are currently active. If your friend has posted a story recently, you can view that from inside Threads as well. Threads also has a camera, which you can use to capture photos and videos and send them to your close friends.

The News of the Threads app comes as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized the importance of direct messaging – and outlined a plan to merge conversations between Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

According to the Verge, it is unclear when Threads may launch or whether it could get killed off before release.

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