WhatsApp Imroves file sharing in Latest update


Instant messaging app WhatsApp has upgraded its file sharing feature letting users share any type of document attachments. In previous versions of of WhatsApp, the file sharing option was only limited to PDFs. However from the latest update, users can now share any kind of file they wish. This has taken file sharing beyond PDFs GIFs and so on. They shared file size is now up to 100MB. Considering the Data Plans we have, Users should be glad about this restriction. it is rumoured that iPhone users can send larger files.
There are some further improvements that come along with this update;
⦁ Improved image sharing:One of the common complaints about the initial versions of WhatsApp is that it compresses the photos and reduces the image quality of the shared Image. This has been addressed in this update. The image shared retains the quality it has without being compressed or shrunk. Also, the multiple image sharing has taken a new face. You don’t have to struggle to view the images and videos in small icons and thumbnails. You can now view them in the in-app camera by swiping up. And if you’re sending lots of photos at once, they’ll now be grouped into a gallery that only displays five images with the last thumbnail displaying how many additional photos have been sent.
⦁ Font Styling: More texting fun has been added to make chatting a whole lot smoother and more interesting. Now users can style the fonts of the text that is being sent. Texts can now be styled into Bold, Italics or have a strike through. To do this, all the user needs to do is simply tap and hold over the words to be formatted.

The new update has been rolled out for both Android and iOS users. so you can go update your version to experience this cool new features.


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