Whatsapp is planning to push out one of its most wanted features by the public. The unsend message is expected to be release by the upcoming update of the app.

It is quite embarrassing when you send messages to the wrong person, sometimes such information might be confidential while others it might be embarrassing. Today once you drop the message, there is no going back, you have lost the information.

With the new update WhatsApp is planning, you will be able to edit and delete messages sent earlier. It is not yet clear how this will be functioning, whether it will be available to some users on whatsapp alone or all. We are not still clear whether the update will be for only unread message and for individual chat alone without applying to group.

Whatsapp New updates

It was said that the beta release of whatapp also includes several other changes such as the ability to share location with other users. You will also love the new font shortcuts that will come along with this update.

One major issue we have with whatapp is the methodology of changing our phone number. This today is not easily achievable, however, with the new update, we will be able to change our number and quickly inform our contact that we have a new number.

This new features was announced from a twitter account @WABetaInfo who claim that “the revoke feature (called now ‘unsend’) should be available very soon, but probably we should wait the next IOS official update before’.

The twitter handle also claim that there is a new change number features which allows users to replace their number easily.

We are expecting that this feature to be released soon.


Check back here for the update and usage. We will inform you all as soon as it is officially announced by WhatsApp.