Apple has recently introduced its new service bundle Apple One which will bring together different combinations of subscriptions including Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, storage service iCloud, and the newly revealed Apple Fitness Plus under one price. 

This new service was unveiled during a Time Flies event on 15 September 2020. Apple One allows you to pay one monthly subscription price to get access to all of Apple’s services. Its plans offer endless amounts of entertainment at a cheaper, bundled price. It has three pricing tiers: Individual, Family, and Premier. Therefore, your access to every available Apple subscription service depends on which plan you choose.

How much does Apple One costs?

Each plan offers a different set of services. Here are the plans.

  • Individual ($14.95 per month): includes Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and 50GB of iCloud storage for one user. This plan offers a $6 savings per month over a la carte pricing.
  • Family ($19.95 per month): includes Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and 200GB of iCloud storage. Can be shared with up to six family members (yourself and five others). This plan offers an $8 monthly savings over a la carte.
  • Premier ($29.95 per month): includes Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple TV+, and 2TB of iCloud storage. Can be shared with up to six family members (yourself and five others). You’ll save $25 per month with this plan.

As started above, the Family and Premier plans allow users to add up to six other people to their subscription. The Individual plan doesn’t allow any, although you could just share a single username. And to save even more, if you have the Apple Card, you get 3 percent cashback on your monthly payment if you use the card to pay your bill.

Apple one

How does Apple One work?

  • Charged monthly
  • Cancel any time
  • 30-day free trial 

Apple One works similarly to other bundle subscriptions like Amazon Prime and Google One. Users will be charged once a month for the entire package they’re subscribed to and can access the apps/services on any device that supports them. You can use the services “on any platform where the services are available,” according to Apple. 

According to Apple, the Apple One includes a 30-day free trial for any services that you do not already have. When the trial expires, the plan automatically renews the service as part of your plan. You’ll also be able to change your subscription whenever you want if you ever decide to upgrade or downgrade to another tier. Apple also confirms that you can cancel Apple One at any time.

How do I sign up for Apple One?

Apple hasn’t released information on how to sign up for Apple One. When it is released later this fall, we will bring you those details as soon as we have them. Although, the release date has not been communicated by Apple, the company said the Premier subscription will only be available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada at launch.

What The Apple One Service Has to Offer.

Apple’s reportedly been working on a bundle for years, and it’s easy to see why. The company’s services division is growing, and CEO Tim Cook has called it an area in which Apple wants to invest. Plus, bundling services is a good way to cross-promote: people might want Apple Music but not Apple TV Plus, but bundling Apple TV Plus with Music might help Apple drive up overall usage of its new entertainment platform while also collecting monthly revenue. Think of how Amazon bundles Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music with its general Prime subscription fee.

The bigger deal is Apple creating an ecosystem that is harder to leave. If someone has their gaming, music, and entertainment resources all in one monthly subscription package, that might deter them from using alternative apps like Spotify. Apple creates an ecosystem that houses people’s needs and grows its services sector while doing so. Bundles can help generate a steady, consistent flow of monthly revenue and hopefully sell more hardware along the way. If everything is on people’s iPhones or iPads, they’re likely to just upgrade those devices and stay within the ecosystem than switch to an Android device, for example.

Apple One bundle Supports iCloud storage

iCloud storage is one of the best packages of this new service supports. It served as the anchor for these bundles. The Cloud storage will let you store photos, videos, and other items online that they can be accessed from multiple devices, which is an increasingly important service at a time when file sizes for things like 4K video or high-resolution photos are getting too large for our physical hard drives. It’s another example of how many aspects of our lives, from the shows we watch to the goods we buy, have moved online.

For Apple One one month “Individual” subscription you will get Apple Arcade and 50 gigabytes of storage with other additional services while the “Family” plan gets you the same services plus 200GB and the  “Premier” plan offers 2 terabytes of storage.

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