Do you have a new car or running a fleet business and you are possibly thinking about how effective a car tracking device can be of use to you or your business? If Yes is your answer, then you will learn the benefits of using car tracking devices for your fleet in this article.

New cars are assets to the owner. Just like every other thing, new and old cars are cherished by the owner and can’t afford to lose it so early to a theft case. That’s the major reason why installing a car tracking device in all your cars is very important.  
Car trackers as the name implies allows tracking of vehicles in its most basic function.

A car tracking device allows the car owners/users to monitor or track their vehicles. Car trackers can be connected to a phone, easy to use, and install. It provides the necessary information to make family and company safer and improve fleet business efficiency.
Tracking devices are used for various purposes for individual car owners and fleet business. Explained below are six benefits of using car tracking devices

Six Benefits of Using Car Tracking Devices

Theft and Unauthorized User

Car tracking devices help to give notification either via set alarm system, SMS, or email whenever an unauthorized action occurs around the car. This quickly alerts the owner if there is risk of stealing your car and possible action to take. For fleeting business owners/managers, it notifies you when the driver is making an unauthorized action on the trip and also on the vehicles.

Basic Information About Your Vehicle 

Car tracking devices help to record the speed, long stops, mileage, total hours traveled daily, weekly, or monthly easily. This helps to identify which of the car users is making unscheduled stoppage, movement, over speeding or the car user not doing his job properly. 

Cost Savings 

A car tracking device can provide better financial management. One of the major expenses in car maintenance is fuel cost for major fleet business or with cars used by different individuals. Car tracking devices allow fuel costs to be reduced by identifying which vehicle or user is consuming fuel more, helps to find out its route course, and proffer immediate solution.
When the driver knows that he is being monitored, improper driving and usage are controlled thereby maintenance schedule and cost can be optimized. 

Improve Productivity 

While it is important to know the location of a car user, calling almost every time to find out can be tedious. This can be resolved using a car tracking device. It helps to answer questions like where are you? have you delivered the supplies and goods? etc. it also helps to alternate drivers to manage their trip effectively knowing that their journey is managed by tracking devices.

Route Management Optimization 

Car tracking devices help in real-time location. In a competitive fleet or delivery business, giving accurate information and timing to your customer will improve trust and reliance. This is a better business advantage. 
For individuals, it helps to know the movement of your spouse and teens, place cautions when they are going off the direction.
During harsh periods of heavy traffic, the ability to see the location of one’s car and the time stayed helps to predict and plan a way out from the pending challenges, hence reducing worries. 
The time of arrivals can be easily calculated and determined by providing an alternate route to your driver in an event of traffic.

Reduce Insurance Cost 

Insurance costs are mainly on car replacement after being lost or damaged. If the insurance company is aware that you use a car tracking system that prevents the possibility of such happening, then there is possibly an insurance discount. 
However, it is important to make everyone or the driver aware that your car is monitored using the car driving track system. Proper enlightenment should be made to the user that it’s for their safety, company safety, and operational improvement. Awareness helps them make the best decisions when on the road to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Types Of Car Tracking Devices 

A car tracker can be divided into two: 
Passive Tracker: This collects all available information and stores them for later use in the form of coordinates. It stores waypoints onboard and does not transmit location. This device is placed in the car and removed when the information is needed and inserted into a computer
When the vehicle is in motion, the car tracking device collects waypoints at set time intervals as coordinates that must be later plotted. Passive trackers are less expensive because they don’t require a subscription for their monitoring activity. On the other hand;

Active Trackers: collects and sends information in real-time messages. This offers many advantages but quite expensive. 
However, some trackers can use both systems.

These includes Carlock which can be connected via Bluetooth and can be paired with your phone. Carlock provides quality devices that can do more than just tracking via GPS. While the devices can provide real-time GPS tracking that can be monitored on a computer or through an app on the phone, it can provide quite a few other related benefits. 
This device can alert you that unauthorized action has taken place on the car, providing unusual vibration on the vehicle, such as when someone is using tools to attempt to get into the vehicle. Security can be enabled and disabled.

Lets share some car tracking devices that you can get at affordable prices .

Affordable Car Trackers in Nigeria

Tramigo T24 Car Tracker : The new Tramigo T24 Track supports 12V immobilizer to shut down vehicle engines and other embedded intelligence for enhanced vehicle tracking, security and monitoring. Ideal for private cars, small fleet owners and fleet management requirements such as vehicle finance and insurance companies. T24 Track is designed for 12V vehicles.

Tramigo Y5 Personal Tracker : This is a gps tracker for cars and it is the most advanced yet amazingly affordable tracking device for fleet management, vehicle security and long-term outdoor asset tracking. It is the best hidden gps tracker for car theft.

Where to Buy Car Trackers in Nigeria

There are many advantages of getting car tracking devices for your fleet especially in Nigeria. The most beautiful thing is that you can buy those listed car tracking devices on online stores in Nigeria at best prices. If you are looking for the best deal on Car tracking devices in Nigeria, please visit to purchase the car tracking devices and you will get help in the installation guide at affordable prices.


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