Computer systems these days are used in many fields by many users. From software development to engineering to graphics design, the computer system is a useful tool to make the works being carried out to become much easier. So before going to purchase that computer, some computer system requirements recommendations are needed to be considered.

The first question you need to ask is what do I want to use this system for? Answering this question will help you know what to look for in a system.

Graphics design

Graphics Design softewaree Logos

Graphics designers are one of the most important computer users these days. They are in hot demand be it in the field of advertisement or mass media, to mobile and web designers for mock up purposes. So to give a top job in graphics design, the best of graphics software are to be used. There are some requirements for this software to run successfully.

Below is a list of some computer system requirements for the personal computer of a Graphics designer.

  • Most Graphic designer software are processor sensitive. They require very processors that are working at a very good capability. The minimum processor speed to be looked at is 1GHz. One can look at ones that fun faster, but for the sake of working well, the processor shouldn’t run less
  • The Random Access Memory (RAM) is another very important piece in determining how fast a system runs. The RAM is a place that the computer keeps things to work on. Though it is usually for a short term but this helps in processing various things at once. Graphics designing software need to have a fast system. So a system with a very good RAM is required. At a minimum these days, a computer should possess an 8GB RAM for good work. If you can afford more go for it but try not to use lesser.
  • On the Storage end (HDD or SSD), the more the space the better for the software. So one can start from a 500GB system. But its always better to go higher.
  • A good video card with dedicated RAM too will come in handy. A value of 1GB for the VRAM is a good choice
  • A sound graphics card should be needed to improve your work
  • A good system display of at least 15inches with 1440 x 900 pixels

If all these minimum computer system Requirements are taken into consideration, a good time with graphics design can be achieved.


Architectural Drawing made with software
Architectural design using a software

Gone are the days where building designs are done on paper. They are done with the use of software. Theses software requires very good computers to function properly. Let’s look at some recommendations for a system to be used in Architecture.

  • The computer system should possess a 2.2GHz intel Quad core i7
  • A RAM of 4GB at the barest minimum
  • A storage of 500GB at least
  • Graphics card of 3Gb memory Dedicated
  • 15inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at least.

With all these minimum computer system requirements recommendations taken into consideration, architectural work on the system should go ahead smoothly.


Game Screen
Computer Game being Played

From days long past, one of the biggest uses of the computer system is gaming. It is one of the biggest industries in the electronic and entertainment world. The world of computer games keeps evolving. The games available today are made to look more realistic and more interactive.  As much these new age games require a lot of quality to work properly.

Let’s look at some things to take into consideration

  • An intel core i5 processor or more with a speed of about 2.40GHz at least
  • A sound graphics card likeNVIDIA GTX 970
  • A RAM size of 8GB or more
  • 500GB System at the least.

The gaming world is ever growing. There are some games that might require more than the stated above. But at the minimum, these requirements should be able to give a user an optimal gaming experience.


Coding Screen
Coding Screen

Writing Codes to develop software or programs is one the most important uses of the computer systems. The amount of development platforms like Visual studio, Bracket, sublime text and so, a very good system will come in handy to make the work go better. So some minimum requirements are required to carry these actions out.

  • A good screen resolution of about 1920 x 1080
  • System RAM of about 8GB
  • 500GB Storage.
  • An integrated graphics card
  • An intel i5 processor at the minimum.

The good news about coding is one does not need a very powerful machine to go a good job. This still depends on the level and kind of programming to be done or tested.

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