The world of photography and videography have come to appreciate the inception of the innovative technology “Drone”. Drone are been adopted by many industries including professional cinematographers to capture stunning video. In addition , Drone videography has become the hottest trend in event marketing due to its feature and functions. Drones are also known as quadcopters and are aerial vehicles that can be controlled remotely. They can capture large-scale scenes unlike any other camera . With sky-high views and close-up shots, drones can create a cinematic feel.

Unlike military based Drone, the drone for aerial photography are cheaper, less intrusive, more convenient, fast to set-up, portable, safe.

Benefit of Drone for Video Coverage


The best thing to understand about a drone is that it is easy to operate. It only requires one drone pilot to get the best shot you need. Drone pilots also known as unmanned aerial vehicle pilots, fly’s to drone to a long range to capture the best moment. The footage you obtain with drones will give your corporate video a professional edge. Panoramic shots, crowd fly-overs and large-scale photos come to life when captured by trained pilots using the best quality drones.

Time Management

Some drone has a long flight time which allows you to cover stunning video without break. Drones are adaptable and save time and deliver a greater level of convenience for the videographer, as well as the audience. Conventional photography could be interrupted during shots. Fortunately, drone are particularly effective for sports and event since they can record without hindrance especially in crowded events because they fly above all obstacles to give you detailed coverage.


Drones are portable devices that are operated remotely. Due to their size, drone can reach areas and height dimmed impossible for human being able to fly into areas that were impossible for conventional photographers. Drones does not only cover the nearly impossible shot it also capture every angle clearly with great resolution without blurring out any motion.

Photographs and video taken with traditional cameras may only catch limited parts of the action, and standard solutions of using aircraft or other flying object can be difficult and too expensive to use for Events. Using drone photography for events gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event. 

You can fly your drone up into the air to get a bird’s eye view of everything going on during the event. With this you can capture the best moment without the knowledge of your audience. There is a saying that best pictures are unprepared have the best potential.


The best drones are portable enough to be an everyday tool, which means they are small and light enough to pack into a camera bag or backpack. Some drones accomplish this by having foldable arms that make them more compact. Hence, you have the best equipment for any event coverage without the need of helping helps to carry accessories.

How To Choose The Right Drone For Videograpy

There are different types of drones out there, from the expensive models that are loaded with the latest technology, to cheaper drones with the least feature. However for videography purpose the best drone go for is the Camera Drone. Camera drone comes with different features to consider which one is best for your business.

Image quality

Most new drones come equipped with high-quality cameras capable of capturing great shots and videos the images are only getting better and better. There are different technologies and image processing algorithms to allows drones to see,these are the image sensor, a processor module, a lens mount and a lens. The most suitable image sensor for drones and embedded vision systems is a CMOS sensor.  this is because it is lighter and achieves higher speeds and better image quality than its CCD.

The larger the image sensor on your drone the higher its image quality. Most professional drone uses a 4/3-inch CMOS sensor which makes it easier to shoot high-quality footage even in low light conditions.


A higher resolution means better accuracy. It makes it possible to achieve more precise orthomosaic maps than lower pixel and to map larger areas with the very same accuracy. Thatis, the more pixels of a drone, the more accurate the drone final result will be. Drones with 4K cameras offer pretty much cinema-quality footage with an average of 8 million pixels to produce at least 3840 x 2160 to up to 4000 pixels wide in video resolution—that’s four times bigger than full HD 1080p.

Most 4K drones are capable of noise reduction and result to clear videos even in low light settings. With the flexibility, versatility and Full HD quality videos of 4K drones, they will continue to soar to higher heights. Thus, giving the best result to professional especially cinematographers, or photographers.

Drone With Gimbal and Obstacle Sensing

A gimbal is a crucial piece of equipment for steady videos. Without a gimbal, shaky videos are inevitable. It is designed to keep your camera at the same angle regardless of the movement of the drone by automatically compensating using calibrated and often remotely controlled electric motors.

Similarly, there are different drones with obstacle sensor, however, not all sense from all angle. Some Drones can sense obstacle from the front, back, downward, left, right and up, hence, you have to make sure you choose the best to suit your use.

Flight Time.

Most photography drones can’t fly longer than 30 minutes although, some drone promises to fly for up to 55-min but in real sense this seems to still be impossible, therefore, you might need to go for drones with two battery or be lucky to come across a drone that offer a longer flight time.

Intelligent Functions.

Most professional drone comes with captivating intelligence functions including tracking of subject, optical zoom, mechanical shutter, radio camera and many more.

Above all, there are hundreds of drones to take your photographic creativity to new heights. Options include beginner drones with 720p video, professional drones with stable 4K video capture and pro cinema drones that combine speed, cinema-style recording and elite gimbal stabilization and many more futuristic drone for your photography and videography career. follow this guide to choose the best drom for your photography and videography career.

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