The Video game industry is one of the most popular and most followed world of entertainment. This is also one of the biggest, most competitive money making industry that is worth Billions in dollars. From Handheld games, to console based games or PC based games, Video gaming went through a lot of evolution to get to the big stage it is today.

The world of video games came into existence in the 1940s and 1950s. It was more of a technological exhibition at a science. They started as science research in labs by scientists. The First form of gaming device was by Dr Edward Uhler at a New York world fair in the 1940s. It was a game based on Mathematical application and it was called Nim. This lead to many Computer Scientists who were using electronic machines to put up some very simple gaming machines.

In the 1950s, some games like tic-tac-toe, was developed by British Professor A.S Douglas as part of his Doctoral work in University of Cambridge. Years later, the popular spacewar was invented which was also the first game that was played on multiple installations

The first recognized home gaming device, called the Brown Box was developed by Ralph Baer in 1967. It was a prototype multiplayer game that could be played on the Television. This was what gave way to the likes of Atari Home console. It was a game which made use of Joysticks to move the avatars by the player. It also featured interchangeable game cartridges, multicolored game and so on. This would be the dawn of a new Era into the gaming world and a new turn for the Video game industry.

Atari Video Game

In 1985,with the rise of third party gaming producing companies, Nintendo entertainment system came with the 8-bit gaming device popularly known as family Com.

Nintendo Family Com

This had a range of many games like Contra, Super Mario, Legend of Kain, Tank, Sports games and so on. This became a very interesting house hold item. It was very entertaining for most of us back then while growing up. However, it was still limited in many ways.

The Console Competition

This is one of the biggest happenings in the Video Game industry. Nintendo moved up to 16-bit gaming this was called super Nintendo. This was also a cartridge based game which also provided users with superior gaming experience as to the 8-bit. SEGA entertainment then launched its own SEGA genesis. The Sega genesis got global acceptance except in Japan (which is the home country of Nintendo). Many third party gaming companies like Konami, Capcom, SNK, Bandai, EA games and so on produced games on both consoles. However both companies had their own company games (Sonic for SEGA and Super Mario for Nintendo). Nintendo did find another edge by bringing some of the games to their handheld device called Gameboy which also went through a lot of development. It started as a non-colored gaming device and matured over time into a 3D based gaming device. Konami’s International Superstar soccer was one of the most popular games on 16-bit devices. It was a lot of fun for players as they could play football games on console. Fight games like Mortal Kombat, Street fighter, Killer instinct also give room for health competition amongst gamers

super Nintendo
Sega mega drive
Sega Mega Drive

The Dawn of 3D games

Towards the end of the 1990s after seeing some 3D graphics games on PC (like virtual fighter, Doom), the time for console games to key into this technology was at hand. And so, in 1995 SEGA released the first ever 32-bit console using 3D graphics. It also created the move away from the normal use of cartridges to the use of CD ROMs, This was very new to gamers. It gave a more realistic touch to games.

In 1996, Nintendo rolled out its cartridge based, 64bit 3D game known as N64. It was globally and widely accepted world over. With the introduction of Mario 3D and Mariokart with other third party games like Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat, 007 : Golden eye, and so on. These games had more to them. The conversations were done by the characters, the movements looked more real. Both of these consoles could not compete with Sony’s first game console; The PlayStation. Majority of the games on PlayStation wre third party and Sony Computer Entertainment made a lot of money for Sony.

In the year 2000, due to the huge success of Playstation or playstation one has it was later called, Sony released the PlayStaion 2. This was the first game that was on DVD. It was also unique because it could play original PlayStation one games. This console was to go on and become the best selling game console of all time. The characters became more realistic than the ones on Playstation one. The other consoles that were DVD based were Microsoft,s Xbox, Nintendo’s gamecube and Sega’s dreamcast. The Dreamcast was the last console game by SEGA. The Dreamcast had a lot of cool features like online gaming capabilities and a screen on the control pad. However, it wasn’t a hit and SEGA went ahead to becoming a third party game company.

At the years 2005 and 2006 Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo rolled out their more advance products. This was the coming of the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, Playstation 3 from Sony and the Wii from Nintendo. They all have similar graphics and had similar third party games across board (except Mario which remained solely on Nintendo and God of War which was on playstation). However, the Wii had an interactice control that allowed users play games using a motion sensor that mimics their every movement. This was found interesting for it became quite useful for workouts and activity based actions.

In the newest and latest game production installments, The Playstaion 4, the Xbox one and the Nintendo Wii U were rolled out. All products shared their customers well across board. They were improved upon by the Playstation 4 pro, The Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch.

The Coming of Mobile gaming

With the advent of strong mobile technology, The video game industry are being moved over on to mobile devices. This is to give customers the ability to move about with their entertainment. Many of the console game companies have mobile options. The industry is a well blown one with little or no struggle against other platforms. the mobile game world contributes close to half of the revenue made in the gaming industry which can be put at above 44% of the entire gaming revenue. This is because majority of people spend most of their time on their smart phones. Companies make sales from App sale to in-game purchase of points that help the customer level up in the games to play. Mobile phones platforms like Tecno, iPhone, Oppo, Infinix and so on create good hardware platforms for these games to run smoothly on. (visit Kara online store for the best mobile phones at very competitive prices)

Game producing companies also all have their eyes on virtual reality gaming. Players can play a game and have a feel like they are inside of it.

Video gaming have come a long way through evolving through various times and various technologies to bring better entertainment for all its users  


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