Google, Dell and Intel have collaborated with a few other tech companies to form a new computing group called the “Modern Computing Alliance” to address the “biggest IT challenges” facing companies today with integration from silicon to cloud.

The collective mission of the new group announced on Thursday is to drive “silicon-to-cloud” innovation for the benefit of enterprise customers fueling a differentiated modern computing platform and providing additional choices for integrated business solutions.

Google said on its blog, that the technology industry is moving towards an open, heterogeneous ecosystem that allows freedom of choice while integrating across the stack. This reality presents both a challenge and an opportunity, hence the reason for the collaboration to form the “Modern Computing Alliance.”

To address the complexity of this challenge requires a new level of collaboration in the form of an industry-wide effort. Technology leaders have to work together in new ways to develop open solutions that transcend products or brands any individual might envision, and create a better, more optimized experience for everyone. 

 The founding members of the Modern Computing Alliance include some of the most innovative companies and products across the silicon-to-cloud stack: Box, CitrixDell, Imprivata, IntelOktaRingCentral, Slack, VMware, and Zoom will be joining Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and Google Workspace.

Dell said it joined the group to drive an “open and innovative ecosystem” in a bid to enable customers to get the most from their Chrome OS experiences.

“Specifically, the Alliance will define an open collaboration approach for both hardware and software — from the cloud to the PC — that will bring new industry-level innovation to the market at-scale through Google’s Chrome commercial ecosystem,” Chris Walker, General Manager of Mobile Client Platforms Group at Intel, said in a statement.

Google said that the plan of the group is to take on the most pressing challenges in end user computing today, including performance; security and identity; and remote work, productivity, and collaboration, among others.

Google said, working with a group of forward-thinking industry leaders, we’re aligning standards and technologies to provide companies with the choice of high-performance, cloud-first computing solutions from the vendor of their choice who provide modern solutions for the modern era of business

“We’ll create more advanced cloud data security and improve data loss prevention solutions,” said John Solomon, VP, Chrome OS at Google.

“The Alliance will enhance the productivity of an increasingly distributed workforce by providing telemetry insights across the stack,” Solomon said.

Reasons for the Alliance

According to Google, Modern Computing Alliance is committed to developing an integrated roadmap that makes the best use of our collective experience, insights, and expertise while giving us a clear path forward to improve customer choice and the enterprise computing market.

The Alliance also help to accelerate the move to the cloud, provide tech companies a better integrated choice, and prepare us for the uncertainty of the future.

In the area of performance, this alliance will also help in reducing friction and creating a much more seamless, user-friendly experience across the web and devices. This includes improving the quality of video and audio experiences in native PWAs by leveraging hardware-based capabilities and platform optimizations to provide exceptional performance across the entire vertical stack.

This alliance will also helps the tech companies create more advanced cloud data security and improve data loss prevention solutions.

The Alliance will enhance the productivity of an increasingly distributed workforce by providing telemetry insights across the stack. Above are just a few of the mentioned benefit this alliance planned and promise to bring into the tech world.

Google also made known that more IT champions are still needed for the rapid success of the alliance. Hence, if you’re passionate about the possibilities of modern computing, you can join the council to make your voice heard.

Benefits of joining the Modern Computing IT Council include:

  • Access: Gain entry into early-access programs and connect with members of Product Management teams across the stack
  • Influence: Participate in exclusive advisory workshops, help shape the outcomes of the roadmap, and be among the first to test new solutions and provide input
  • Community: Participate in peer-to-peer networking, mentorships, and conversations with executives at industry-leading tech companies

 Join the Modern Computing IT Council today to help us make the future of computing exactly what you want it to be.

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