WhatsApp to rollout insurance and pension products on its platform in India.

WhatsApp health insurance

WhatsApp is set to roll out health insurance and micro-pension products on its messaging platform in India through tie-ups with licensed financial services players. The move comes as the Facebook-owned tech giant is set to expand its ambit of services to finance, commerce, education and social welfare in 2021. In the...

Google, Intel, Zoom, and others form Modern Computing Alliance to drive “silicon-to-cloud”

Modern Computing alliance

Google, Dell and Intel have collaborated with a few other tech companies to form a new computing group called the “Modern Computing Alliance” to address the “biggest IT challenges” facing companies today with integration from silicon to cloud. The collective mission of the new group announced on Thursday is to drive “silicon-to-cloud” innovation for...

Microsoft unveils Azure Purview for data governance.

Microsoft azure purview.

Microsoft Corp on Thursday announced a new cloud-based tool designed to help corporate customers understand where data is scattered throughout their operations and whether they are in compliance with data privacy regulations. "Azure Purview, a new data governance solution in public preview." Purview helps businesses map all their data, no matter where it resides, and provides an...

Microsoft Productivity Score Feature criticized as a workplace surveillance

microsoft productivity score features

According to Microsoft, productivity score is not a work monitoring tool. Instead, it is referred to as a means of discovering new ways of working and providing your people with great collaboration and technology experiences. However, critics referred to Microsoft’s new productivity score as the newly introduced feature that allows employers and organizations...

Samsung announces Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A02s Price and Specs.


Samsung mobile has launched two new entry-level smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy A02s ahead of 2021. These new smartphones come with improved features compared to their predecessors  A11 and A01s. They both feature a 6.5-inch display and offer long-lasting battery life, a big immersive display, and powerful cameras at affordable prices. ...

Snapchat launches TikTok-like feature ‘Spotlight’


Snap Inc on Monday rolled out a new feature, “Spotlight”, that would compete with ByteDance-owned TikTok and Instagram Reels. This feature would allow users to share short-form videos publicly in its Snapchat app, adding a service According to the company, users, who could previously share snaps or stories with friends, can now share them...

Google redesigns the Pay app to simplify your payment process.


Alphabet Inc's Google on Wednesday relaunched its U.S. payments app, making major changes to make sending money to friends easier and help people better understand their finances. Google introducing paid promotions to the service and opening a waitlist for bank accounts being launched next year with Citigroup Inc and 10 other institutions. According to the...

Apple to Lower App Store commissions to 15% for Smaller Developers.

Apple app store

Apple Inc on Wednesday said it plans to start a program to lower its App Store commission for software developers who make $1 million or less in proceeds each year from the store. Apple takes a 30% cut of most purchases made on the App Store, although the commission drops to 15% for subscriptions...

OPPO unveils rollable concept phone and AR Glass 2021.

oppo x 2021

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO unveiled a concept handset with a rollable display, called "OPPO X 2021", and Augmented Reality (AR) Glass 2021 at the company's yearly conference on Tuesday, Nov 17 in Beijing. According to the company, the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset is the latest achievement of OPPO's R&D in flexible display...

Spotify Acquires Podcast Ad-Tech Firm Megaphone for $235.


Spotify Technology SA has recently acquired podcast hosting company Megaphone, which creates tools for podcast advertisers, for $235 million so as to broaden its advertising, marketing and publishing toolsets for podcast creators. Founded by the online news company Slate, Megaphone connects podcast publishers such as Vox and ESPN with networks of advertisers. Spotify will use Megaphone’s network...